Your Personal App Box

Syncloud device runs your apps at your premises

Rocket.Chat Nextcloud Diaspora
comes with the best apps
Imagine you can have your own online file storage, social network or email server. Great applications like Nextcloud and Diaspora are available on Syncloud device. Syncloud adapts these applications to run fast and provide best user experience.
Easy to Install
You can setup Syncloud just by tapping your phone. Syncloud iOS and Android apps make installation process smooth and worry-free.
Runs at home but available everywhere
Syncloud device runs and stores all your data at your home. Want to access your files and data on the go? No problem, Syncloud device is available through the Internet at Do not worry all Internet traffic is only between you and your Internet provider to guarantee privacy.
Cost effective
Syncloud supports selection of affordable hardware. Use your domain name or ours at
We believe in Open Source
Syncloud would not be possible without the great open-source projects. We believe that open source technologies and products have more potential, better quality, stronger security, and simply they have more value. Therefore, Syncloud itself is an open source project. Fork us on GitHub!