Your Personal App Box

Syncloud device runs your apps at your premises

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comes with the best apps
With Syncloud, your privacy is paramount. Our comprehensive suite of 25 applications ensures that your data remains secure and confidential, covering everything from document storage to AI-powered image generation, all processed directly on your hardware. This unique setup guarantees that your activities stay entirely private, without any unwanted access or surveillance.
Easy to Install
We provide pre-installed hardware as well as disk images for you to convert your existing hardware into a personal cloud.
Syncloud device runs and stores all your data locally. In our commitment to transparency, we make our source code readily accessible to all users. This move reinforces our dedication to integrity and openness, underscoring our genuine desire to prioritize your privacy and security above all else. Syncloud device is available through the Internet at Do not worry all Internet traffic is only between you and your Internet provider to guarantee privacy.
Cost effective
To ensure that we can maintain the highest standards of service and support, we offer a £5 monthly subscription after a free one-month trial period. This nominal fee allows us to continue enhancing our platform and providing you with the ongoing assistance you need to maintain your digital autonomy. With Syncloud, your data remains your own, and your digital journey stays firmly in your hands. Use your domain name or ours at We offer
We believe in Open Source
Syncloud would not be possible without the great open-source projects. We believe that open source technologies and products have more potential, better quality, stronger security, and simply they have more value. Therefore, Syncloud itself is an open source project. Fork us on GitHub!